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From design to installation, we manage it all so you don’t have to.​

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From design to installation, we manage it all so you don’t have to.

King Retail Solutions (“KRS”) has provided retail store design, manufacturing, distribution, installation, and program management services for retail chains worldwide for over 50 years.

With early roots as a production shop, we design and build retail environments with every aspect in mind: What do you want the shopper to feel? Where do you want them to move? How much will this cost to produce, install, and maintain? How will it wear?

When you approach a store environment holistically, rather than piece-meal, the end result just plain works better.

We understand how things are made and find new ways to build when standard manufacturing methods don’t work. We take pride on being flexible and believe that value engineering is a crucial step in design, whether it’s created by us or a design you bring to us..


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Brandon K
General Manager
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“We are utterly delighted with the outcome of KRS’s work on this project. The interior is fun, interesting, warm and gorgeous. We will most certainly seek you out again for our future projects.”
Dave M
Director of Visual Merchandising
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“I was very impressed. KRS’ responsiveness and willingness make working with them a pleasure. As we continue to evolve our brand, KRS is right there with us, ready for the challenge.”
Danica C
Design Manager
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“I was able to send KRS an inspirational image and they detailed, sourced, engineered, built, and installed the entire design. It’s always great to find a design firm who can read out minds and execute our visions!”

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