We Just

plain Work Better

From design to installation, we manage it all so you don’t have to.

No more chasing down vendors. No more late nights or last-second changes. We bring it all together. Beautiful. On budget. On time. Here’s how…

With early roots as a production shop, we design and build retail environments with every aspect in mind. What do you want the shopper to feel? Where do you want them to move? How much will this cost to produce, install, and maintain? How will it wear? When you approach a design challenge holistically, rather than piece-meal, the end result just plain works better.

We understand how things are made and find new ways to build things when standard methods aren’t working. We understand value engineering and consider it a necessary step in every design. We also understand that each project is unique and pride ourselves on being flexible. This means that sometimes we build what we design and sometimes we build what you design. Retail rollouts are complex; we know, and we’re nimble.

At the end of the day, our award-winning environments leave the consumer feeling great about their experience and looking forward to their next shopping trip.

What We offer

KRS develops retail brand strategy and environmental design through to custom build and install services. We regularly step in to provide a la carte services for our clients where and how they need us. But what we really specialize in is owning the entire process, trouble-shooting issues as they arise, and seeing designs through to rollout. At KRS, you dictate how you need it and we find a way to get it done beautifully, efficiently, and within budget.


Convenience Store News

Best Mid-Budget Remodel

Best Low-Cost Remodel

Progressive Grocers

Best Conversion for Natural/Organic Market

Best International Store; Best Hybrid Concept

Best Overall Store Design


Ranked one of the Top Retail Design Firms

Retail Renovation Award


Best Supermarket Design


Grand Prize for Convenience Store of the Year

Sustainability Design Award

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