The graphic and fresh take on this Ultra-Premium package made specifically for ABSCO’s Pavilions store made it naturally adaptable to other stores. With the help of KRS, the package was applied to the ultra-urban Chicago Jewel-Osco store. Most of the elements stayed the same for the Jewel-Osco store with the addition of a bar/lounge area on the open mezzanine level. Division on the Rocks is a full-service bar with ordering service from the grocery store’s deli and prepared foods. The Jewel-Osco store is in a high-profile location in downtown Chicago and attached to a housing facility.

KRS wanted to bring the community together in a neighborhood destination. This store was an existing facility where the architecture for the store was predetermined. KRS faced the challenge of figuring out how to fit all of these store-within-a-store elements in the pre-existing architecture.

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