At 60% fresh fare, Fresh St. Farms offers high quality fresh that’s affordable for real people. Their farm-to-fork attitude and connection to local producers (butchers, bakers, farmers, fishers) comes to life through materials, typography, wayfinding, and grand symbolic directional signage (no words necessary) which weave together throughout this small format market.

Low-profile displays work in tandem with the open-air feel to enforce the farmers’ market vibe and create exciting “food destinations.” Food is heaped, stacked, and piled beautifully, spilling over as one would find in a fish market, bakery window, or farm stall.

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Brand Adaptation

Fresh St. Farms is the small format adaptation of H.Y. Louie’s Fresh St. Market, also design by KRS. The choice of name reflects store size while the “Fresh St.” branding remains consistent.