Study: Consumer Response to Environment

King Retail Solutions (KRS) will be speaking this week at the 2012 Retailing Summit conference in Dallas, TX discussing the results of a consumer research survey the retail design firm conducted this past summer.

Approximately 1,000 consumers*, from across the US, were polled on how they perceive and value the retail environment in grocery stores, home goods providers, and clothing retailers. What elements of the shopping experience appeal most? How does the experience of shopping at a favorite retailer make them feel?

Survey takers were then asked to rank their most frequented retailers in order of most frequented, second most frequented (if any), and third most frequented (if any) in each category. Results were then normalized.

Interestingly, big box retailers topped each list. But beyond looking for the lowest price, consumers trended towards shopping where they could find an overarching value. For example, independent retailers, which KRS represented as a group in order to show their popularity as a whole, ranked in the top 15 for each category.

On the survey results, executive vice president, Andrew Swedenborg, who will be speaking at the Retailing Summit, commented, “Numbers are a great indicator. It’s our job to keep our finger on the pulse of what people are thinking, feeling, and perceiving about their shopping experiences. What we’ve found is that people will say one thing and then they do it sometimes, and sometimes they don’t. Shoppers aren’t easy to understand. They’re complex. But we think this study provides real insight into where consumers are spending their time and dollars and how they feel about that.”

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*Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomer respondents were equally represented, as were male and female respondents. Respondents came from a wide range of income levels across the contiguous US states.

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