Manifesting Your Brand into a Physical Space: Focusing on the Customer Experience

Out of kitty litter? Need a new pair of shoes? With the click of a button, any grocery staples you notice are running low, or items you have been eyeing for weeks will conveniently show up on your doorstep, and all you have to do is log-on and order from your living room couch… ideally in your sweatpants.

The ease of online shopping is incredibly appealing for most, but as the shift to online retailing has increased, and the number of shopping options at your fingertips expands- the younger generations trust it less. Disillusioned by fake merchandise and digital advertisements, Gen Z’ers, and even some Millennials are reverting to brick and mortar locations for a customized shopping experience.

Increasingly influenced by “influencers” and shopping local, the young consumers are seeking quality goods that they can look at and feel, before making the purchasing decision. So, what does that mean if you are an online-only retailer? It’s time to think about the physical space and the increasingly cool customer experiences retailers are using to entice their customers.

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