Whole Foods

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Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market, Davie FL brings together the bright palette of lush Atlantic beaches, textile patterning and geometric storytelling of native Seminole Americans, and the materials, hardware, and applications of a rustic cattle ranch.

Through distinct materials (Fireclay Tile, native cypress), colors, and destination headlines (“BUTCHER” “HARVEST”) the shopper is taken on a journey of discovery. The store also serves up extensive fresh prepared options including a Guacamole Station, Beer/Wine Bar, Sushi Kitchen, Sandwich Counter, Pizzeria, Hot/Cold Salad Bar, Juice Bar, and Coffee/Tea Shop.

Seating is made available at each restaurant destination as well as centrally along a front wall lined entirely with bright, open windows.

Custom Signage

KRS recreated Whole Foods’ Animal Welfare rating system signage (a 5 level rating system) to be modular, easily understood, and see-thru (so that butcher staff working stations in back can easily see customers approach).

For signage, fixtures, and decor throughout the store, much of the production was done in-house by KRS custom craftsmen. Murals are hand-painted onto brick. Rope and wood signage is antiqued by hand; wood routed and hand-stained.

Symbolic Story-Telling

The floral/botanical focus extends to geometric patterning and design (based upon the symbolic story-telling employed by local Seminole Americans in basket-weaving patterns that date back to before the 1700s). In the “Petals” flower and plant section, ceiling-high windows incorporate emblems for grass, flowers, harvest, and home. Those elements are then deconstructed in repetition to form beautiful, bright graphic devices which serve as a background element throughout the store.


A’ Design Awards winner in the Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Awards in the category of Interior Space and Exhibition Design

Progressive Grocer “Best Conversion”

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